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The University of San Carlos Montessori Academy is a unit in Basic Education Department of the University of San Carlos. It subscribes to the philosophy and principles of Montessori Education inspired by the charism of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) and guided by its vision and mission. The Academy upholds the Montessori philosophy and deeply respects children as unique individuals. The Academy believes that a child is not a vessel into which predetermined levels of knowledge are poured into, but a person who would develop and grow to her/his potential in every aspect in life. It views children as competent individuals who can be encouraged to make small and big decisions and teach other children the skills they already possess. They learn as they perform tasks which give them concrete experience of how things are done, move, and unfold. In keeping with the Montessori principles, the USC Montessori Academy upholds the right of children to take part in Montessori experience, regardless of cultural, physical, or intellectual differences, where the child can benefit from such an environment in an integrated and interdisciplinary way. The aim of Montessori education is the holistic development of a complete human being. The goal of the Montessori Academy is to provide and maintain a stimulating, safe and happy, child-centered environment which supports the full development of each child and nurtures her/his self-esteem as an independent learner.


The USC Montessori Academy embraces the core values of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation.

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